Progress as of May 26th 2009. For a little background on the car it is shown in the running picture below as the origional car my father Bud Hart (Bud Hart Porsche Racing of Santa Clara, CA…sold in the mid-80’s after Bob Devore offered him a job at Intel engineering the machines that made the computer chips) and I built back in the mid-90’s. He was also the builder of Bob Devore’s (Excellance Magazine issue #22 “Arizona Highway Man”) 928’s. This includes the 711hp NA 16v 6.5L engine built back in the early 90’s. There were 3 people in the dyno room that day…Bob Devore, Bud Hart and Jim Basko running the dyno in AZ. After running this car for 2 years or so we decided to bring it into the shop and “adjust the suspension pick-up points to better the geometry”. That ended up in taking the then F/R 10.5in slick 2381lb wet with driver raccar and turned into making a full tube frame car designed with 13″ front and 14″ rear slicks projecting sub-2000lbs wet with driver. Unfortunately 2 strokes caused the car to be shelved back in 1998. After 10 plus years the car has been taken off the shelf and I am working towards completing what could be the last car my father and I will have built together. Please excuse the surface rust as it was sitting in storage in Port Angeles, WA where my father now calls home. The car is about 60% by now and I will update this page as progress is made. I would love to have it and my father out for OCIC…I do not believe it will make it at this rate. Cheers and thanks for taking a look around, J

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