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Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper“I’ve known Jason for the past ten years having worked with him at the Bondurant School and on various auto manufacture introductions. Over this time I have been impressed by his driving skill; his precision and consistency, and enthusiasm for the sport. He is a good “team player” as well as leader and would be an asset to any racing team.”

Andy Pilgrim

Andy Pilgrim“As a driver who has won five professional championships and has over 50 professional wins, driven on over 80 different race tracks in 10 countries and developed race cars from Grand Am cup to Prototype.  I am called on by teams for my ability to develop, bring it home and win.  I am also called on to recommend new talent, I travel in many driving circles from racing, to movie locations and manufacturer driving events and I see and talk to many drivers looking for the break into professional racing.  Jason Hart is one of the few I would recommend to any professional team looking to try a new driver.  Jason has driven many different cars from stock to sprint cars, from road courses to ovals.  Jason has the talent, drive, personality and presence to be a tremendous asset not only on the track but also outside the car when talking to sponsors and press.  I wish Jason all the success in the future and hope my endorsement helps in some way.”

TK (Tommy Kendall)

Tommy Kendall“I wish I was a team owner, as I would have no qualms about including Jason in a shootout in any type of car. He is the ideal mix of intensity and control, intelligence and bravery, and he possesses a rare quiet confidence that seems absolute. I have seen him do everything from road-race to drift to autocross and am very impressed. I can only imagine that he is even better on the ovals where he has spent the most time. I look forward to watching him advance, as in my mind, it is a question of when, rather than if.”