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Coaching May 23rd 2009 MSR – Tu and Rocky

Tu and Rocky Ferrari 360 and Porsche GT3Tu brought his brither in alw out for a day at the track while he was in town. It was Rocky’s 1st time ever on a race track and adapted quickly. The nice guy that Tu is he let Rocky experience the track for the 1st time in a 997 GT3! Tu was out in his 360 and really enjoyed the handling of the Ferrari. Great job by both drivers today and I look forward to getting out to the track again in the future…safe travels Rocky. Cheers, J

Coaching May 22nd 2009 ECR – Steve C.

                         Coomes PCA ECR 944      Always serious about his racing Steve decided to do some coaching during the PCA test and tune put on by ECR. After sorting out a few bits on the car and comparing data laps Steve became a new level as a driver. He was able to find over 2 seconds from his previous best ever lap at ECR. I am so proud of Steve’s new level of driving and the proof of his work resulted in 2-1st place finishes and 2-2nd place finishes. Well done and a great recovery to get the car back going by 5th gear after the motor let go at the previous race. Cheers to all, J

Coaching May 15th 2009 MSR – Edgar B.

                 Edgar Viper              Edgar has gotten the track bug in a big way. He is really starting to take things seriously and is going about getting faster the best way…modify the brand new viper and show up to a coaching session with the news “it made 580hp at the wheels”!!! Edgar is showing some real gains in his driving and it is fun to see his enthusiasm¬† about the track. Yes, I get excited when Edgar wants to do coaching and yes it is necessary to “show him the line” by driving his car a bit. AWESOME STUFF Edgar, J

Coaching May 10th 2009 MSR – John & Tim

                               John and Tim CorvetteJohn and Tim came out to MSR to with hopes of becoming more competitive in NASA Time Trial events. Both drivers showed impressive improvements in not only lap times, but with being able to turn faster laps sooner. They wore out both Corvettes all day long and we also went over some set-up tips to get the cars to drive a bit better to further lower the lap times. If you have never met John and Tim I recommend you say hello, two of the nicest guys you will run into in the paddock. Well done, J

Gumball 3000 May 5-9th 2009

Gumball 3000 2009 Bugatti Veyron                               Well, I need to start the Gumball 3000 off with a huge thanks to Dr.K for allowing me to take his spot as he had to get back to his practice so I joined from Dallas -New Orleans-Orlando-Miami. Next, to the Wu brothers for making a great time of the event as I joined them in the ex-CHP car branded as the “Swine Flu Response Team”. Working lights, sirens, pa, scanners, etc made for some clear highways and smooth sailing. No plates coast to coast and we made it through no problem…LOL. This was an amazing event with equally amazing people and cars. I will certainly not forget the great times I had and enjoyed meeting all the people throughout the event. If you want to spend time somewhere that no one will be able to tell you have A.D.D., you should give the Gumball a go. This event has something going on for every minute of the clock from the start till the end. Happy to get some sleep after this one, J

Coaching Ferrari Challenge #33 Infineon Apl 30th – May 4th 2009

Ferrari Challenge Transport                               Infineon Speedway was another wet and dry weekend making a bit difficult to sort out the track considering Steve and I had never been at speed here. Even more reason to clebrate a pair of top 5’s this weekend. This is an awesome track that does not allow the driver to relax much because there are not many staightaways of any real length. The elevation changes here are a blast and it was great to see Steve get up as high as 3rd on Sat and 2nd on Sun early in each race. Once again we have a whole and complete car to take to the next race so things are going in the right direction. Road America here we come, J

Coaching Apl 21-22nd 2009 ECR – Dr. K

Dr.K ECRThis was the first weekend Dr. K and I have been able to spend at ECR. He was able to get experience in the dry and the wet doing an awesome job in both. Dr. K showed real driving pace this weekend and was able to feel the rain line and take advantage of it. This was a really fun weekend for me to be able to watch Dr.K’s ability to adapt quickly to a new track with varied weather. Fantastic drive, J

Coaching Ferrari Challenge Road Atlanta #33 Apl 16-19th 2009

Ferrari Challenge Road Atlanta 2009                               The Ferrari Challenge weekend at Road Atlanta had some interesting weather for sure. It started out sunny, then it rained a bit and finished dry. Steve just missed the podium on Sunday finishing the weekend 8th and 4th and recieved an racing achievement award for his 4th place run from 7th on the grid. The car is still in one piece and we are leading the Rookie of the Year points, so good so far. Off to Infineon next, J

Jason Hart Racing Group Coaching Event at Harris Hill Road Mar 27th 2009

jason-hart-racing-school.jpgThe first Jason Hart Racing Group Coaching Event was well attended at Harris Hill Road in San Marcos, TX. In this day there was a mix of classroom and track time where all the participants recieved indepth knowledge of advanced driving techniques. Vehicle dynamics were discussed in detail as well as vehicle set-ups to maximize not only the driver, but the vehicle as well. The catered event went well enough that more will be scheduled in the future. A great day and thanks to Harris Hill Road and all who attended, J

Coaching Mar 13th-15th 2009 TWS PCA Race Guy, Corey & Steve

Coaching Corey, Guy and Steve at TWS PCA races

We had a tough, wet, cold weekend at Texas World Speedway. The real credit of the weekend goes to the 5th Gear Motorsports crew as they changed all three cars back and forth from dry to wet set-up on every session. Guy (GT3 Cup Group GT3C), Corey (RS America Group-G) and Steve (944 Group-E) all did and awesome job and proof of that is in the fact that all the cars were loaded up to go home in the same condition they showed up in. This weekend was surely proof that a bad day at the race track is better than a good day at work. Congratulations to the team and drivers as we had a best finishs of,  Guy 1st, Corey 2nd and Steve 2nd. Good Times, J

Coaching Feb 21-22nd 2009 MSR – Steve H.

F430This is the last weekend we are able to test the F430 until the first race of the sesaon in Miami, FL. We were again making many suspension changes to find the right balance at MSR. Thankfully we had Mike to make our adjustments and it was great to get the balance moving in the right direction straight away ending up with a very drivable package. I can’t wait to get out to Miami and start the season, J

Coaching Feb 16th 2009 MSR Pat H. and Tom D.

Pat Tom PorchePat and Tom were ready to go when the track opened and we had a great day of driving. Seems Tom’s brakes didn’t want to work as hard as he did so unfortunately he had to miss the last session. Pat was carrying a ton of speed around the track and was truly setting sail in big bend. It was also great to see the impress left on both drivers after going over the crest into 9 flat out for the first time! Pat will be a car to watch in Group E PCA racing this year. I look forward to next time we all head out to the track. Cheers, J