Here are some answers to common questions about Private Coaching and the Jason Hart Racing School.

Q: Is there a level of track experience required before participating in Coaching?

A: No, I work with a range of drivers. Some have never been to the track before, others have some track and/or race experience, all the way up to professional drivers. It is more of a question of when would you like to make the most of your time and investment at the track?

Q: How long is the day and what can I expect for seat time?

A: Coaching days are from track open to close, usually 9am-5pm with lunch around noon. Some tracks run summer hours 7am-3pm. I like to be there 30min before the track goes hot to brief before the day. Drivers average around six 30min sessions per day and dates are available 7 days a week depending on track schedules with the least traffic on the track happening during the week. In the racing school there are four 45min sessions scheduled along with four 45min classroom sessions.

Q: What car do we use? If we use my car will you drive it? Can we rent cars?

A: Most people use their own car whether it be a race car or track/street car. Yes, I will drive your car if you ask me to although it is not required. This is common for showing you the line as well as feeling out the car and its current balance if we are working on set-up. Rental cars are available from Spec Miata, Porsche GT3 Cup, Ferrari Challenge, Formula Mazda and everything in between. As the saying goes, “How fast do you want to go, how much money do you want to spend?”

Q: Do you do Half days?

A: I prefer not to as I honestly want to get you the most from your session. From my experience most gains develop towards the end of the day which means a half day is just scratching the surface. I have done a few for past coaching day drivers due to special situations for $900.00.

Q: Do you think splitting the day with 2 or 3 other drivers is beneficial?

A: Yes, but the experience is slightly different when split with multiple drivers. I honestly have to say if you really want the most from your day one-on-one coaching is what you want. You might think I would say 3 is best because I make the highest day rate that way. I am very passionate about coaching and providing the best level of attention to each driver. As soon as multiple drivers show up I have to split my attention and focus. Not to say we have not had great results with multiple drivers, but when I am working with you every session it tends to find that little extra everyone wants.

Q: How many instructors are at your schools? Do you right seat each driver?

A: I am the sole instructor at the schools. Currently I am not charging a rate that would cover the costs of flying in professional instructors and  putting them up in hotels. To me putting someone in the right seat who does not have professional level instruction skills does not lead to driver development. I do not right seat in the schools as that is a premier service reserved for private coaching. I do however drive groups around to cover the track in detail as well as assemble the racing line.

Q: What can I get out of the racing school that I don’t get from an HPDE?

A: Having worked for most of the top racing schools in the country with some of the top racing drivers in the country I have a vast experience to draw from. This allows students to believe in the instruction being received. Also, the goal of the school is not to simply have fun and drive around the track with friends. I encourage drivers to work on specific skills to raise their level of driving. This starts with a presentation defining a foundation of skills at the beginning of the day and reinforcing these principals throughout the day.

Q: Is there timing at the school?

A: No, there is no timing or competition at the school. If however you have a data system in your car that you use for learning purposes that is fine.

Q: Do you cover Data Acquisition?

A: Yes, for those with data I am available to help analyze your progress as well as help you understand how to get the most from the data gathered throughout the day. I am fairly fluent with most of the data systems in today’s market.

Q: Do you cover Set-up analysis?

A: Yes, starting as a fabricator and machinist moving on to crew chief and then the driver role I became a racer through a road less traveled. This path as taught me about the mechanical workings of the car developing a feel and knowledge for the balance of a car. I am available to answer your questions regarding your current balance and what changes I would recommend to fine tune your vehicle for the track.

If there are any other questions you have please contact me. Thank you, J

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