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September 2010, its been a year!

It has been some time since the last update here, I will work on updating the news more often from here on out. It has been a fantastic year of racing and coaching with the future looking to be more of the same. Some Highlights so far have been coaching Ron Farmer in his #474 ST2 corvette for the year where he racked up countless wins, poles, track records and put a cherry on top by winning the NASA National Championships in ST2. There were many other great happenings such as Greg W. starting his first race in his new Spec Boxster where he had a great showing at HPR in CO. Another great Spec Boxster highlight was the year long performance of Micheal H. running up front all year and grabbing his first race win as well. In historic racing action Alex W. went on to grab his first win and dominate his class at multiple events in his 75′ Porsche RSR. Alex’s good friend Darren C. went on to take many top 5 finishes as well as a top 5 in points in Ferrari Challenge racing his F430C. Corey H. had an impressive showing at every track he showed up to in PCA Group G competition taking home top honors across the country in his RS America. Rob C. found the go button in his x51 powered 996 racecar in NASA and PCA competition across the country and is still out there chasing checkered flags as his season is still going strong. Although I am highlighting most of the racers I have been involved with this year, I must give a nod to all those who chose to have me as their coach for driver development as well. It is a joy and pleasure to assist those looking to improve their skills at the track and I really have a great time being part of their progression. A few folks have taken on iRacing and I have delivered some custom fabricated setups costing them many midnight hours of sleep in the process. If you have not yet experienced iRacing I highly recommend it. Drivers of every level can learn a few bits by practicing on a sim. As for my own seat time, I have had a great time with Steve H. and his #45 Chumpcar/24hr Lemons Integra this year. We have a great group of drivers on and off the track experience is a blast. As a team we were able to win the only 24hr race held at Texas Motor Speedway and I still can’t believe the car did not break after breaking during tech inspection before the race. I was also able to race with the Hill’s in their 360 Ferrari Challenge Car during the NASA 8hr race at TWS and with Scotty P. in his Porsche 996 Cup in the same race. The Ferrari finished 2nd and the Porsche DNF’d due to a right rear wheel bearing failure. Thanks for the seat guys, it was a lot of fun! Other than some karting, riding bikes and a 1st time barefoot skiing this about sums up the past year. Look for shorter updates coming soon and thanks for taking the time to read this one, J.

Coaching Sept 11th 2009 MSR Bob H.

Sept 11 2009 MSRC newsWhat else can you say that covers it better than 640hp connected to a dog ring no clutch transmission? I guess we can talk about how well Bob is driving these days. While at another track I overheard someone talking about Bob and how fast he and his yellow corvette are. It put a big smile on my face to hear this and I agree, Bob has come a long way as a driver. We have worked hard on many different techniques and Bob is really shaping up behind the wheel of this rocket. Always great fun, J

Coaching May 10th 2009 MSR – John & Tim

                               John and Tim CorvetteJohn and Tim came out to MSR to with hopes of becoming more competitive in NASA Time Trial events. Both drivers showed impressive improvements in not only lap times, but with being able to turn faster laps sooner. They wore out both Corvettes all day long and we also went over some set-up tips to get the cars to drive a bit better to further lower the lap times. If you have never met John and Tim I recommend you say hello, two of the nicest guys you will run into in the paddock. Well done, J

Coaching Feb 13th 2009 MSR – Bob and Theresa H.

Bob Theresa Corvettes2Bob and Theresa came out with their ultra fast corvettes for another day a the track. The 3.1 mile course showed to be very challenging, but they came upto speed quickly and had a great day. After doing a bit of testing with Bob’s yellow car we are going to be making some changes and I am positive he will be stoked with new changes when they are all said and done. Always a pleasure to be at the track with Bob and Theresa. Awesome, J

Coaching Dec 5th 2008 MSR – Bob and Theresa H.

Bob Theresa CorvettesBob and Theresa are avid Corvette lovers. They have been coming to the track for some time and for this coaching session they brought 2 cars with modestly modified 427’s totalling @1100rwhp combined!!! It was an awesome day with Theresa finding about 5 seconds per lap and Bob finding around 4 seconds per lap. These are no doubt 2 of the fastest corvettes in Texas that show up to the track with license plates and inspections stickers! I do question the inspection stickers a bit…LOL. Good times with the Halford’s, J