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Coaching Aug 22-23rd 2009 ECR Guy D.

Aug 22-23 2009 ECR newsWell, Guy and I have been to the track a few times this year and as you can see from the left front tire he is really starting to use the car to it potential. His lap times have improved by around 5 seconds and best of all he is getting more and more consistent at this pace. I expect good things from Guy next season and have enjoyed every time to the track with him. As always…my pleasure, J

Coaching Jan 31st – Feb 1st 2009 ECR – Guy D. and

guy_corey_porcheGuy and Corey were getting back in their cars after over 4 months away from the track. After getting back up to speed we made some changes to the set-up of Corey’s car and found that Guy’s car was ready for its drive train refresh. Regardless, both of them turned their fastest laps ever at ECR after the weekend at the track so it was very productive. We will be at the track again in the future as the race season is quickly apporaching. Cheers, J

Testing Steve’s new F430 Challenge Car at ECR 1-10

Steve H Ferrari F430Steve has decided the GT3RS has run it’s course and decided to up for a Ferrari F430 Challenge car. We took it to the track where it proceeded to impress both of us at how easy it was to drive while going very fast. It was far to easy to do 1:50.00’s and we are thinking with a few adjustments it should be a bit below that mark. What an awesome car…a special thanks to Steve for allowing me to drive his new toy a bit. Sweet, J