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Coaching Aug 22-23rd 2009 ECR Guy D.

Aug 22-23 2009 ECR newsWell, Guy and I have been to the track a few times this year and as you can see from the left front tire he is really starting to use the car to it potential. His lap times have improved by around 5 seconds and best of all he is getting more and more consistent at this pace. I expect good things from Guy next season and have enjoyed every time to the track with him. As always…my pleasure, J

Coaching July 19 2009 ECR – Guy D. & Corey H.

July 19 2009 ECR newsIt is always a pleasure when Guy and Corey come out for some track time. They are both focused on bettering their driving and I am happy to be their coach. It is great to see Guy getting a handle on his GT3 Cup car and Corey’s G-car is really getting fast. I look forward to their next race as I think they are going to be very happy with their results. Cheers, J

Coaching July 9-10 2009 ECR – Greg W.

Greg W ECR July 9-10 2009 newsLooking for a driver tune up Greg decided to do 2 days of coaching at ECR. He showed up with an impressive Caymen tuned up by John Gladwill. After doing some right seating and going through the data we were able to find time on the track. We focused on some new stratagies to be able to extract the time and Greg’s did his job as a driver to bring it out. This was an enjoyable 2 days with Greg, once again I am reminded that the finest people I have met have come from the track. J

Coaching June 15th 2009 ECR – Brett L. and freinds…

Brett L news June 15 2009What else should you do for your birthday, but take your freinds and your toys to he track. It is always a special day when someone has supercars and actually takes them to the track and uses them. Once again the Ferrari 599, Bugatti Veyron and Carrera GT got a workout. Brett decided to challenge himself in the GT and put up a very impressive number. Now if he could just find the time to do a little racing things would get really interesting! Cheers, J

Coaching May 22nd 2009 ECR – Steve C.

                         Coomes PCA ECR 944      Always serious about his racing Steve decided to do some coaching during the PCA test and tune put on by ECR. After sorting out a few bits on the car and comparing data laps Steve became a new level as a driver. He was able to find over 2 seconds from his previous best ever lap at ECR. I am so proud of Steve’s new level of driving and the proof of his work resulted in 2-1st place finishes and 2-2nd place finishes. Well done and a great recovery to get the car back going by 5th gear after the motor let go at the previous race. Cheers to all, J