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September 2010, its been a year!

It has been some time since the last update here, I will work on updating the news more often from here on out. It has been a fantastic year of racing and coaching with the future looking to be more of the same. Some Highlights so far have been coaching Ron Farmer in his #474 ST2 corvette for the year where he racked up countless wins, poles, track records and put a cherry on top by winning the NASA National Championships in ST2. There were many other great happenings such as Greg W. starting his first race in his new Spec Boxster where he had a great showing at HPR in CO. Another great Spec Boxster highlight was the year long performance of Micheal H. running up front all year and grabbing his first race win as well. In historic racing action Alex W. went on to grab his first win and dominate his class at multiple events in his 75′ Porsche RSR. Alex’s good friend Darren C. went on to take many top 5 finishes as well as a top 5 in points in Ferrari Challenge racing his F430C. Corey H. had an impressive showing at every track he showed up to in PCA Group G competition taking home top honors across the country in his RS America. Rob C. found the go button in his x51 powered 996 racecar in NASA and PCA competition across the country and is still out there chasing checkered flags as his season is still going strong. Although I am highlighting most of the racers I have been involved with this year, I must give a nod to all those who chose to have me as their coach for driver development as well. It is a joy and pleasure to assist those looking to improve their skills at the track and I really have a great time being part of their progression. A few folks have taken on iRacing and I have delivered some custom fabricated setups costing them many midnight hours of sleep in the process. If you have not yet experienced iRacing I highly recommend it. Drivers of every level can learn a few bits by practicing on a sim. As for my own seat time, I have had a great time with Steve H. and his #45 Chumpcar/24hr Lemons Integra this year. We have a great group of drivers on and off the track experience is a blast. As a team we were able to win the only 24hr race held at Texas Motor Speedway and I still can’t believe the car did not break after breaking during tech inspection before the race. I was also able to race with the Hill’s in their 360 Ferrari Challenge Car during the NASA 8hr race at TWS and with Scotty P. in his Porsche 996 Cup in the same race. The Ferrari finished 2nd and the Porsche DNF’d due to a right rear wheel bearing failure. Thanks for the seat guys, it was a lot of fun! Other than some karting, riding bikes and a 1st time barefoot skiing this about sums up the past year. Look for shorter updates coming soon and thanks for taking the time to read this one, J.

Coaching Sept 17-21 NJMP Steve H. Ferrari Challenge

MT - newsThe final race of the North America series at NJMP was a total success. Steve drive to 4th and 3rd gaining his first podium of the year and wrapping up the Rookie of the Year honors. It was a great season and through it all he came through without replacing a body panel! The MG1 Motorsports team was great to work with and we all had a great time. Looking forward to see what turns up next year, J

Coaching July 23-26 2009 Ferrari Challenge Mont Tremblant, Canada

July 23-26 FC MtTre newsThe races at Mont Tremblant were a mix of wet and dry weather. To say this round was challenging is an understatement and Steve did a great job finishing 5th and 4th. What an awesome track for a car that is fast with great handling like the F430 Challenge car. This part of Canada is picture perfect in every direction and some day I will have to come back with a snow board. A great weekend, J

Coaching June 25-28 2009 Road America – Steve H. #33

Ferrari Challenge June 25-28 2009 newsAnother Ferrari Challenge weekend where Steve pushed his envelope every session to continue gaining pace all weekend. This track proved to be very challenging providing a 7th place finish Saturday and 5th place finish Sunday. The 5th place on Sunday does not tell the tale that 3rd, 4th and Steve crossed the line nose to tail. This was a race where if we had just a few more laps I believe we could have been on the podium, way to step up Steve. J

Coaching June 15th 2009 ECR – Brett L. and freinds…

Brett L news June 15 2009What else should you do for your birthday, but take your freinds and your toys to he track. It is always a special day when someone has supercars and actually takes them to the track and uses them. Once again the Ferrari 599, Bugatti Veyron and Carrera GT got a workout. Brett decided to challenge himself in the GT and put up a very impressive number. Now if he could just find the time to do a little racing things would get really interesting! Cheers, J

Coaching May 23rd 2009 MSR – Tu and Rocky

Tu and Rocky Ferrari 360 and Porsche GT3Tu brought his brither in alw out for a day at the track while he was in town. It was Rocky’s 1st time ever on a race track and adapted quickly. The nice guy that Tu is he let Rocky experience the track for the 1st time in a 997 GT3! Tu was out in his 360 and really enjoyed the handling of the Ferrari. Great job by both drivers today and I look forward to getting out to the track again in the future…safe travels Rocky. Cheers, J

Coaching Ferrari Challenge #33 Infineon Apl 30th – May 4th 2009

Ferrari Challenge Transport                               Infineon Speedway was another wet and dry weekend making a bit difficult to sort out the track considering Steve and I had never been at speed here. Even more reason to clebrate a pair of top 5’s this weekend. This is an awesome track that does not allow the driver to relax much because there are not many staightaways of any real length. The elevation changes here are a blast and it was great to see Steve get up as high as 3rd on Sat and 2nd on Sun early in each race. Once again we have a whole and complete car to take to the next race so things are going in the right direction. Road America here we come, J

Coaching Ferrari Challenge Road Atlanta #33 Apl 16-19th 2009

Ferrari Challenge Road Atlanta 2009                               The Ferrari Challenge weekend at Road Atlanta had some interesting weather for sure. It started out sunny, then it rained a bit and finished dry. Steve just missed the podium on Sunday finishing the weekend 8th and 4th and recieved an racing achievement award for his 4th place run from 7th on the grid. The car is still in one piece and we are leading the Rookie of the Year points, so good so far. Off to Infineon next, J