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USLED “Always the right choice!”

USLED has a product line full of industry leading LED technology. This company is winning the race in LED lighting  with customer service, component performance, technological breakthroughs and customer pay back that has yet to be seen. With international presence that is growing at a rapid pace it is only a matter of time before USLED is a household name. To see USLED on track look for the #196 USLED Mini Cooper S in Grand-Am ST competition with Ron Farmer (CEO) and Jason Hart at the wheel.


The best racing ear buds on the market. Custom molded to your ear with hi-def drivers so you can hear your crew with minimal noise penetration. This is one of the best improvements I have made in my driving gear. The perfect fit blocks out most of the engine noise and the quality of the drivers allow you to run a lower volume setting for a comfort level I did not think was possible. Contact Westone for your custom set of RH1’s.

Coaching June 25-28 2009 Road America – Steve H. #33

Ferrari Challenge June 25-28 2009 newsAnother Ferrari Challenge weekend where Steve pushed his envelope every session to continue gaining pace all weekend. This track proved to be very challenging providing a 7th place finish Saturday and 5th place finish Sunday. The 5th place on Sunday does not tell the tale that 3rd, 4th and Steve crossed the line nose to tail. This was a race where if we had just a few more laps I believe we could have been on the podium, way to step up Steve. J