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Coaching Feb 21-22nd 2009 MSR – Steve H.

F430This is the last weekend we are able to test the F430 until the first race of the sesaon in Miami, FL. We were again making many suspension changes to find the right balance at MSR. Thankfully we had Mike to make our adjustments and it was great to get the balance moving in the right direction straight away ending up with a very drivable package. I can’t wait to get out to Miami and start the season, J

Coaching Feb 16th 2009 MSR Pat H. and Tom D.

Pat Tom PorchePat and Tom were ready to go when the track opened and we had a great day of driving. Seems Tom’s brakes didn’t want to work as hard as he did so unfortunately he had to miss the last session. Pat was carrying a ton of speed around the track and was truly setting sail in big bend. It was also great to see the impress left on both drivers after going over the crest into 9 flat out for the first time! Pat will be a car to watch in Group E PCA racing this year. I look forward to next time we all head out to the track. Cheers, J

Coaching Feb 14th 2009 MSR – Edgar B.

Edgar ViperHere is exactly what should be done when you buy a new car. Edgar showed up to the track with less than 1000mi on this Viper and in Edgar’s first session it was verified that there is a rev  limiter on a 2008 Viper. Edgar had only been to the track once before so there was a bit of work to do and he came right up to speed. Edgar is hooked to say it lightly and has already bought the full monty of track gear from slicks to a hans. Well done Edgar, I look forward to our next outing, J

Coaching Feb 13th 2009 MSR – Bob and Theresa H.

Bob Theresa Corvettes2Bob and Theresa came out with their ultra fast corvettes for another day a the track. The 3.1 mile course showed to be very challenging, but they came upto speed quickly and had a great day. After doing a bit of testing with Bob’s yellow car we are going to be making some changes and I am positive he will be stoked with new changes when they are all said and done. Always a pleasure to be at the track with Bob and Theresa. Awesome, J