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Coaching Sept 11th 2009 MSR Bob H.

Sept 11 2009 MSRC newsWhat else can you say that covers it better than 640hp connected to a dog ring no clutch transmission? I guess we can talk about how well Bob is driving these days. While at another track I overheard someone talking about Bob and how fast he and his yellow corvette are. It put a big smile on my face to hear this and I agree, Bob has come a long way as a driver. We have worked hard on many different techniques and Bob is really shaping up behind the wheel of this rocket. Always great fun, J

Coaching Aug 6th, 2009 MSR-H Bill C.

Aug 6 2009 MSRH newsBill decided to get some seat time before his race at MSR-H. We were able to sort out some setup to improve the car and tweak some driving techniques to get the most from the car. Being at the track with Bill is always exciting, they do call the man “Wild Bill”! Along with our efforts for the day we were able to find a bit of consistency to help out is overall race performance. Go get’em Bill, J

Coaching June 12th 2009 MSR – Ciaran F.

Ciaran M3 newsBMW has a knack for making some of the best sedans on the market that are right at home on the race track. Ciaran had platoed a bit and wanted some new areas to focus on to elevate his driving. We found a few areas that could use some touching up and also focused on new skills. By the end of the the improvements were really taking hold, well done out there. J

Coaching May 15th 2009 MSR – Edgar B.

                 Edgar Viper              Edgar has gotten the track bug in a big way. He is really starting to take things seriously and is going about getting faster the best way…modify the brand new viper and show up to a coaching session with the news “it made 580hp at the wheels”!!! Edgar is showing some real gains in his driving and it is fun to see his enthusiasm  about the track. Yes, I get excited when Edgar wants to do coaching and yes it is necessary to “show him the line” by driving his car a bit. AWESOME STUFF Edgar, J

Coaching May 10th 2009 MSR – John & Tim

                               John and Tim CorvetteJohn and Tim came out to MSR to with hopes of becoming more competitive in NASA Time Trial events. Both drivers showed impressive improvements in not only lap times, but with being able to turn faster laps sooner. They wore out both Corvettes all day long and we also went over some set-up tips to get the cars to drive a bit better to further lower the lap times. If you have never met John and Tim I recommend you say hello, two of the nicest guys you will run into in the paddock. Well done, J