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Coaching Mar 13th-15th 2009 TWS PCA Race Guy, Corey & Steve

Coaching Corey, Guy and Steve at TWS PCA races

We had a tough, wet, cold weekend at Texas World Speedway. The real credit of the weekend goes to the 5th Gear Motorsports crew as they changed all three cars back and forth from dry to wet set-up on every session. Guy (GT3 Cup Group GT3C), Corey (RS America Group-G) and Steve (944 Group-E) all did and awesome job and proof of that is in the fact that all the cars were loaded up to go home in the same condition they showed up in. This weekend was surely proof that a bad day at the race track is better than a good day at work. Congratulations to the team and drivers as we had a best finishs of,  Guy 1st, Corey 2nd and Steve 2nd. Good Times, J

Coaching Jan 31st – Feb 1st 2009 ECR – Guy D. and

guy_corey_porcheGuy and Corey were getting back in their cars after over 4 months away from the track. After getting back up to speed we made some changes to the set-up of Corey’s car and found that Guy’s car was ready for its drive train refresh. Regardless, both of them turned their fastest laps ever at ECR after the weekend at the track so it was very productive. We will be at the track again in the future as the race season is quickly apporaching. Cheers, J