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Coaching June 15th 2009 ECR – Brett L. and freinds…

Brett L news June 15 2009What else should you do for your birthday, but take your freinds and your toys to he track. It is always a special day when someone has supercars and actually takes them to the track and uses them. Once again the Ferrari 599, Bugatti Veyron and Carrera GT got a workout. Brett decided to challenge himself in the GT and put up a very impressive number. Now if he could just find the time to do a little racing things would get really interesting! Cheers, J

Gumball 3000 May 5-9th 2009

Gumball 3000 2009 Bugatti Veyron                               Well, I need to start the Gumball 3000 off with a huge thanks to Dr.K for allowing me to take his spot as he had to get back to his practice so I joined from Dallas -New Orleans-Orlando-Miami. Next, to the Wu brothers for making a great time of the event as I joined them in the ex-CHP car branded as the “Swine Flu Response Team”. Working lights, sirens, pa, scanners, etc made for some clear highways and smooth sailing. No plates coast to coast and we made it through no problem…LOL. This was an amazing event with equally amazing people and cars. I will certainly not forget the great times I had and enjoyed meeting all the people throughout the event. If you want to spend time somewhere that no one will be able to tell you have A.D.D., you should give the Gumball a go. This event has something going on for every minute of the clock from the start till the end. Happy to get some sleep after this one, J